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This is what protein shakes really do to your body – it’s NOT good news

YOUR “healthy” lifestyle habits could have a negative impact on the way you look, experts claim.

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LOSING IT: Going bald is one of guys’ biggest insecurities
You might have to choose between a buff body and going bald because your gym habits can wreak havoc with a full head of hair.According to a top hair loss expert, pumping iron and guzzling protein shakes can speed up hair loss.But how can your gym gains result in a receding mane?It’s because lifting weights and downing fitness shakes that contain growth hormones increase the body’s testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels – leading to a hairless head.

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In an exclusive interview with Daily Star Online, Dr Thomy Kouremada-Zioga said: “Drinking protein shakes can in fact significantly accelerate hair loss in men.“It is important to note here that, drinking protein shakes will only accelerate hair loss in those already predisposed to it.”

“Drinking protein shakes can in fact significantly accelerate hair loss in men”Dr Thomy Kouremada-Zioga

She added: “Protein shakes will very often contain growth hormones such as Creatine and DHEA, which not only increase muscle mass, but also increase testosterone levels in the bloodstream.“Testosterone produces a chemical known as DHT, which actually contributes to baldness when the hair follicles become exposed to too much.“Sadly, this is something that most men are unaware of, until they notice that their hair loss has already become more apparent.”*** Is protein powder safe? ***

Bald manBODY SHOCKER: Pumping iron and drinking protein shake can speed up hair loss
But it’s not all bad news because you can still keep fit and have luscious locks by making a few simple changes.If you know that baldness runs in the family, stop chugging popular weight loss shakes and overhaul your diet.The Harley Street medic said: “I would advise men who are pre-disposed to balding to stop using protein shakes that contain growth factors and hormones.“Instead, they should try and incorporate natural sources of protein into their diet such as chicken, fish and eggs.“Men should also ensure they are eating a healthy and balanced diet, which contains essential vitamins and minerals.”*** How to bulk up without lifting heavy weights ***
Dr Thomy, who works as a Hair Transplant Surgeon at The Private Clinic, explained: “Interestingly the activity that men do in the gym can also potentially impact hair loss.“While cardio will reduce the levels of DHT in the blood stream, excess weight lifting can increase testosterone levels and therefore accelerate hair loss.“I would therefore also advise those men who focus on lifting weights in the gym, to be mindful of just how much lifting they do and, where possible, to do more aerobic exercises.”
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