Why Micro Fue and U-Fue

Micro-FUE and U-FUE are the most advanced forms of FUE. They are minimally-invasive techniques carried out under local anaesthetic. The technique used in both treatments is the same, but U-FUE is carried out without any need to cut or shave the hair. The skill and enhanced precision involved in this technique makes it the superior choice in hair transplantation.

Benefits of Micro-FUE and U-FUE:

• Totally natural and undetectable results

• Maximum hair density possible per session

• Pain-free, minimally-invasive technique

• Permanent results. The implanted hair will never fail.

• No scars or permanent linear scarring.

• Patient can keep his hair short after the procedure without any noticeable difference to the back of his head

• No shock-loss phenomenon after the session

• No stitches, no scalpels

• High quality extraction. The vital elements of the follicular units are protected (eg, dermal fat, dermal papillae, sebaceous gland). Maximum growth rate and natural result.

• Specialised implanter and high-powered microscope enable a natural, densely-packed result to be achieved

• Intact healthy grafts are extracted

• No damage or loss of hair follicles and no transaction

• The one-movement implantation method which eliminates the need to create incision holes prior to implantation allows each individual graft to have the correct angulation, direction and depth so the result is 100% natural.

• The same donor area may be harvested again to allow any future hair loss to be successfully treated

• No post-treatment complications

• Quick healing of the donor and recipient areas

• Quick recovery

• As no incisions are made prior to implantation, the trauma is minimal and the risk of an infection is significantly diminished

• Only single-use instruments are used

• Reparative procedures can be performed

• Ideal for eyebrows, small procedures, facial hair

• Ideal for Afro-Caribbean and female patients

• Body hair sessions can be performed.

Diagnosis and prognosis is a crucial part of the preparation and treatment of each individual who suffers from hair loss. In addition to the above benefits, the main advantage of U-FUE is that the patient does not have to cut his hair prior to the procedure.This allows for the hair transplantation to be kept completely discreet. It is the favoured option of high-profile patients and for those for whom shaving the head is not an option.

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