Why Us

Dr Kouremada-Zioga's professional practice is dedicated exclusively to FUE procedures, making her one of the world's leading specialists.

Member of ISHRS

Dr Kouremada-Zioga is a state-of-the-art hair transplant specialist and the excellent results she achieves speak for themselves

She is dedicated to the surgeon model of performing hair restoration, meaning that Dr Kouremada-Zioga performs all parts of the hair transplant procedure herself, based on sound medical practice and ethics

She is one of the very few surgeons in the world who can perform U-FUE, the long-hair (unshaven) method

She offers the most advanced forms of FUE, ensuring maximum hair growth and the proper angulation, orientation and depth of hair that are crucial to a natural-looking result

You will make a quick recovery with no permanent linear scarring

You can keep your hair short after the procedure

Long experience with many happy patients

Long experience with many happy patients

Dr Kouremada-Zioga has vast experience with many happy patients

 She prides herself on delivering natural, permanent and undetectable results

Dr Kouremada-Zioga uses only high quality, single-use instruments

She hones her skills and develops her experience through continuous medical education and training

With her wide international experience, Dr Kouremada-Zioga is familiar with all different types and qualities of hair

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