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The Doctors Who’ll Give You Blemish-Free And Ageless Skin For Your Wedding

Do you want to give your skin a boost ahead of your big day? We’re here to help with our guide to the best experts to book treatments with. Our list is made up of fully accredited doctors and dermatologists (remember that checking a practitioner’s credentials first is very important) who can help with everything from acne issues to reducing lines.

Best For A Flawless Wedding Day

Mr Golchin, London

Mr Golchin is a smooth operator, with a long list of credentials, being super approachableand will lisen to your endless questions about how Botox works, straight up he will tell you it’s the magic cure to ‘look fantastic’. A trained ENT surgeon but is rated for his impeccable Botox and filler work. Patients love him for his softly-softly approach – there is no need for anaesthetic cream, we promise.

He doesn’t just use Botox to smooth lines, but to shape the face. ‘The face is like a cake with many tiers – you’ve got to address different levels with the right treatments.’ He layers Juvederm Voluma and Volift to get just the right effect under the skin. Two weeks later, there are follow-up photos and a chat. And you know what? You’re looking a little perkier and a little less tired – but no one has noticed a thing. Not even your partner. And your eyebrows? They still move. Relief.

THE LOWDOWN Mr Golchin at 34 Hans Road, Knightsbridge SW3. Emotional Botox, from £350,

Best For Blemish-Free Skin

Dr Stefanie Williams, London

If you’d really rather not be a blushing bride and would prefer perfect, blemish- and blotch- free skin instead, get to possibly the coolest dermatology clinic in London. A subterranean lair with plant-covered walls, a tea lounge and luxurious treatment rooms stacked with the latest gadgets (such as Visia face-scanning machines), Eudelo is the beauty world’s equivalentof the Batcave.

Dr Williams focuses on medical problems such as clearing acne, rosacea and suspect moles, as well as cosmetic concerns, including radiance- boosting, dermatology-grade facials that protect skin from London pollution. ‘I’m all about getting you to look like the best version of yourself, rather than artificially younger,’ she says. If you’ve overcooked yourself in the sun, ask about MelaOut anti-pigment peels to undo the damage, and for a lunchtime pick-me-up she offers pain-free 4D laser facials, which regenerate skin without redness or downtime.

THE LOWDOWN Dermatology-grade facials, from £190; 4D laser facial, from £445; MelaOut peel, £1,500(020 7118 9500;

Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh, London

There’s an embroidered cushion in Dr Sebagh’s office that reads ‘Jean-Louis – doctor, sculpture, magician, genie’ and, for his army of fans, he is indeed the man with the Midas touch. As one of the first doctors to pioneer cosmetic injectable treatments in the UK back in the early 1990s, he is still at the top of his game offering bespoke solutions for everything from frown lines to double chins. Taking a slightly archeological approach, he assesses the face in layers – looking first at the skin, then the underlying fat layer and the muscle beneath, to find weaknesses. ‘The rebuild’ involves a combination of treatments, maybe some artfully placed injectables and brightening peels for surface lines and blotches, followed by a hit from the Ultralift – a machine that uses radio frequency to put the ping back into slack jowls. ‘With a lot of women getting married later in life, I have more 50-year-old brides than I do 20-year-olds,’ he reports. But whatever your age, this kind of magic takes time: ‘Treatments take from three weeks to a few months to settle down properly, so you need to give me three months minimum for perfection.’

THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £500; fillers, from £500; the Ultralift, from £700; skin peels, from £200 (020 7637 0548;

Miss Sherina Balaratnam, Buckinghamshire

Miss Balaratnam’s super-discreet S-Thetics Clinic is the perfect place to sneak for a pre-wedding spruce. Based in a 200- year-old coach house just off Beaconsfield’s high street, it’s not signposted, it doesn’t look clinic-y and there’s free parking outside for a quick dash-in-dash-out. Indeed, high-profile people from London who don’t want to get spotted on Harley Street make the easy 35-minute drive to come for high-tech body treatments and skin programmes. With an extensive background in plastic surgery, Miss Balaratnam is famed for her seamless Botox and filler work. A stickler for detail, she wants to know what kind of skincare you’ve been using, how much sleep you’ve had and exactly where and when you’re going to say your ‘I do’s (be it in a bright garden or dimly lit church, lighting is apparently a major consideration). Like your fiancé, she also wants commitment, as best results take time – she recommends a minimum of four monthly visits for her signature Collagen Wave Fire & Ice facials, which use iS Clinical’s potent botanical products, combined with skin-tightening EndyMed radio frequency for knockout results.

THE LOWDOWN Collagen Wave Fire & Ice facial treatment, from £325; fillers, from £350; Botox, from £230 (01494 670990;

Dr Natalie Blakely, Surrey

As the name suggests, Dr Blakely’s Light Touch Clinic in Weybridge is a place for conservative tweaks. Her Botox and fillers are carefully curated to make you feel prettier, happier and less stressed. And, despite a busy waiting room, she never scrimps on time, so you feel truly looked after. The clinic also has an in-house nutritionist who can help boost your immune system with gut-balancing diets, detoxes and probiotic programmes. Dr Blakely has a special interest in hormones and offers very thorough testing and rebalancing programmes to tackle issues such as unexpected weight gain, thinning hair, breakouts and mood swings. THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £370; hormone consult, from £300; nutritionist consult, from £250 (01932 849552; Dr Saira Vasdev, London

Picking up slack, tightening wobble and perking up pasty complexions, Dr Vasdev is a bit like a personal trainer for your skin. She’s one of the first doctors in the UK to offer Profhilo: new hyaluronic-acid injections that put the peachiness back into parched skin, which is perfect for those not quite ready for fillers. Injections are scattered around the face to stimulate collagen and elastin – softening lines and shadowy areas, and hydrating far deeper than any moisturiser ever could. Trained as an anaesthetist, Dr Vasdev used to work in intensive care, which may explain her eagle-eyed accuracy and delicate touch. She’s one to trust for the trickier tweaks, such as super-precise tear-trough fillers that work to significantly brighten the under-eye area and mini lip enhancements, where she uses half syringes of filler to restore the ideal pout ratio (one third top lip, two thirds bottom lip).

THE LOWDOWN Profhilo, from £487; fillers, from £300; mini lip enhancement from £300 (020 7486 3849;

Dr Alexis Granite, London Based at London’s smartest new super- clinic, Mallucci London, Dr Granite is an American Board-certified consultant dermatologist who offers comprehensive pre-wedding game plans. Think acne and eczema therapies, Botox and mole mapping, plus last-minute tweaks such as SOS cortisone spot injections and brightening LED light therapy treatments. She works alongside a crack team of experts, including leading breast surgeon Patrick Mallucci and hair-transplant specialist Dr Thomy Kouremada-Zioga, so this is a one-stop shop for top-to-toe transformations.

THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £295; mole mapping, from £250 (020 7901 8502;

Best For Ageless Skin

Dr Tracy Montford, London and Buckinghamshire

Glossy, glamorous and a great hand holder, Dr Mountford is everything you want in a cosmetic doctor – and she was a pioneer of the natural look when others were inflating and over-filling faces. See her at her new London clinic, where she seemingly airbrushes skin and balances facial features with carefully placed injections. Her trick? She goes light on Botox, leaving large sections of the face clear – most notably around the eyebrows to prevent ‘Spocking’ (as in Dr Spock brows) – but treating others, so you look youthful and fresh. Younger people come to be ‘beautified’, with little injections of filler round the temples and cheekbones to lift and open up eyes, and microscopic droplets of hyaluronic acid in the lips to give a dewy look. For older folks, she places fillers on the temples, the bone in front of the ears and across the jawline, under-pinning the face to restore contours to where they once were. She can also sex up your body with a spot of CoolSculpting – her clinic is the No1 place in Europe for this fat-freezing treatment and her experienced staff have completed more than 8,000 treatments. Ask to see Magda in the London clinic or Ria in Stoke Poges. THE LOWDOWN Filler, from £450; CoolSculpting, from £560; Botox, from £320 (01753 646660;

Dr Joney De Souza, London

If doctors’ offices give you the fear, you’ll love Dr De Souza’s new Marylebone practice, which – with its Diptyque candles and cashmere blankets – feels more like a luxury spa than a starchy clinic. It’s also conveniently located a stone’s throw from the profusion of wedding dress shops on Chiltern Street. Having trained with legendary plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio in Brazil before setting up on his own, Dr De Souza now schools other doctors in advanced injection techniques. ‘The Brazilian aesthetic is all about looking healthy,’ he says. Indeed, he has built a solid reputation for his natural-looking lip fillers, which gently uncurl thin lips. And, for the face, his signature Brazilian lift brightens and lifts features with a combination of fillers and Botox, and mesotherapy (tiny injections of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid) – the results will put a spring in your step.

THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £230; fillers, from £450; Brazilian lift, £1,200 (020 7043 0748;

Dr Julia Sevi, Leeds

‘People can be a bit impulsive before a wedding,’ says Dr Sevi, who’s on a mission to appease the panickers, reassure the first timers (Botox is about rebalancing, rather than paralysing muscles) and gently talk bridezillas down from unrealistic expectations and demands. Praised by colleagues and patients alike, she’s one of the best injectors in the country and can work out a plan to suit all budgets. One of her secret weapons is Carboxy therapy: minute injections of carbon dioxide gas that are placed under the skin to help regenerate collagen production, boost circulation and even out skin texture – to the extent that make-up sits better. Grooms also rave about Laser Genesis – a laser that reduces redness and broken veins, and smooths and tightens skin. THE LOWDOWN Carboxy therapy, from £100; Laser Genesis, from £240 (0113 269 7274;

Dr Maurice Day, London

As one of Paris’s top dermatologists, Dr Dray is the king of mesotherapy (quick-fire and fairly painless injections that imbue tired, grey skin with a golden glow). Head to his new Kensington clinic for his famous Mesolift Deluxe: tiny injections that contain a potent mix of vitamins and minerals, plus plasma extracted from your blood. It’s nicknamed the ‘vampire facial’ on account of its slightly gory delivery, but the upside is that clinical data has proved it does actually keep skin looking dewy for weeks rather than days. If you’re planning on showing your wedding guests a kiss to remember, sign up for his Lip Refresh, too. A far more subtle take on lip filler, it’s less about plumping, more about hydrating. He mixes a light hyaluronic acid gel with vitamin E (to moisturise) and glycerol, which works to open up blood vessels to give lips a slighter deeper red colour.

THE LOWDOWN Mesotherapy, from £200; Mesolift Deluxe, £600; Lip Refresh £400 (020 7937 1031;

Dr Kuldeep Minocha, London

‘Brides are usually super critical of themselves, and so by the time they get to me there’s a list of things they don’t want to see in photos,’ says Dr Minocha, who lists fine lines round the eyes as a top concern, as well as a heavy, square jaw, which can be easily beautified by injecting Botox to shrink the masseter muscles (used for chewing) and create a more heart-shaped face.

‘I can also highlight the cheekbones by injecting the “sweet spot” on the apple of the cheek, which gives a great light reflection for photos,’ he says. An expert on genetic aging, Dr Minocha is in the third year of a study with Restylane fillers, which have been tested on four sets of identical twins (treating one but not the other). ‘The beautiful thing is that we can clearly see how Restylane has pressed the pause button on facial ageing – the treated twin looks about five years younger than her sister.’

THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £235; Restylane skin boosters, from £350 (020 3757 7172;

Mr Kambiz Golchin, Dublin

At his clinic at the Beacon Face & Dermatology centre in Dublin, Mr Golchin champions ’emotional Botox’- a technique where he softens expression lines, instead of ironing them out, so you can grin during your vows in a pretty, not plastic way. Mr Golchin also has a large following at Dr Rita Rakus’s London clinic, where he jets in every week to see mothers of the bride for his Knightsbridge Lift, a combo of Botox, fillers and radio- frequency skin tightening. ‘With facial rejuvenation, I think too much emphasis is often put on the centre of the face as doctors focus just on filling cheeks and lips, and everyone comes out looking the same,’ says Mr Golchin. He says the Knightsbridge Lift addresses neglected areas – like the sides of the face – and places filler at key points, such as the front of the ear, to gently lift the jawline. THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £350; Knightsbridge Lift, from £2,500 (0121 36220; Dr Nestor Demosthenous, Edinburgh

‘I’ve lost count of the number of brides (and their mums) seeking full cosmetic makeovers the week before the wedding,’ says Dr Demosthenous, ‘so I’ve set about educating whole wedding parties on how to get selfie-stick-ready.’ If you’re based up north, book into his annual ‘get wedding ready’ event (usually held in June at the Balmoral Hotel). Not only is he on hand to talk skin, but he’s also enlisted personal trainers, hairstylists and a full-on wedding-themed fashion show to get you inspired. Back at the clinic, people queue up for his ninja-like needle skills: he can reshape your eyebrows with Botox and is a pro at Silhouette Soft thread lifts. For grooms, his aim is to preserve manly, rugged features with a focus on making things look less harsh – softening scowls and forehead lines rather than ironing them away altogether.

THE LOWDOWN Botox, from £320; fillers, from £350; thread lifting, from £1,900 (07545768390;

Dr Preema Vig, London

Champagne corks have been popping at Dr Vig’s Devonshire Place clinic, as she has been busy planning her own wedding this year – a three-day extravaganza in Thailand. ‘I fully appreciate how difficult it is to make time for yourself when you are working and wedding planning,’ she says, and she specialises in quick lunchtime treatments with no downtime. Her top recommendation? ‘My iS Clinical Fire & Ice facials work so well to keep skin glowing, even when you are run off your feet. And for the body, CoolSculpting is the answer to flatten the tummy and cinch in the waist when you want to feel good in your dress. I often finish it off with Venus Legacy radio frequency to smooth and tighten skin. I have also been experimenting with the Venus machine on my mum and found it excellent for tightening her jawline and lifting cheeks.’

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