Thomy Kouremada - Zioga

MD, MSc, MBA in  Health Care Management

Dr Thomy Kouremada-Zioga is a highly experienced hair transplant surgeon and an active member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). With more than 14 years’ experience exclusively in FUE hair restoration, Dr Kouremada-Zioga was one of the first doctors to train and practise the FUE method and has performed one of the highest numbers of FUE hair transplant procedures in Europe. She has earned the title of Master Surgeon and performs the most advanced forms of FUE – Micro FUE and U-FUE – both minimally-invasive hair transplant techniques. Her meticulous attention to detail places her among the top doctors who can offer you safe-for-life procedures that achieve totally natural and undetectable results.

Dr Kouremada-Zioga is a highly regarded surgeon and has worldwide experience in every type of hair, treating high-profile patients in the Middle East, celebrities from around the world, VIPs, and Premier League footballers. Many patients travel from outside Europe to have a procedure with this outstanding and exceptional surgeon.

Dr Kouremada-Zioga specialises in delivering natural-looking results. She is one of the very few surgeons in the world who are able to perform unshaven hair transplant procedures for those wanting an “undetectable” procedure without any need to have their hair cut before the transplant. Her advanced skills and dedication have helped her become a pioneer of U-FUE, the unshaven technique, which is considered an innovation in the field of hair transplantation. Her experience in reparative treatments is extensive, and she is highly successful at treating scarred areas of the scalp, particularly following strip or older procedures by others.

Dr Kouremada-Zioga has experience of treating both men and women, and is one of the few doctors able to carry out treatments for patients with Afro-Caribbean hair. She has written pieces on hair transplant restoration and has recently had an article published in the American scientific publication OMICS Journals, describing her innovative methods. She is working in an international basis but she is mainly based in the United Kingdom .

In 2014 she was declared “The Top Doctor in Hair Transplantation” by and she simultaneously held a position on the editorial board of Omics Group’s Science and Technology publishing group in the USA.

She is “The Hair Expert” for one of the best-known educational websites,, using the opportunity to constructively educate people who suffer from hair loss.Dr Kouremada-Zioga can perform hair restoration on the face (beard, moustache, eyebrows) and is able to do hair transplants by using donor body hair (ie, from the chest) when the density of follicles on the scalp is poor – the advantage being that if you have insufficient donor hair on your head but have body hair, she may still be able to perform a transplant. In the consultation, Dr Kouremada-Zioga will assess your requirements and make a plan of care specific to your individual needs as a patient.

Dr Kouremada-Zioga is extremely dedicated and passionate about hair restoration, and regularly attends seminars and international conferences to keep herself up to date with the latest developments in the field.She can definitely offer you the best possible treatment and discuss all the possible options based on your type of hair loss.She performs the entire procedure herself, ensuring a high quality hair transplant.

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