Hair implantation is a treatment that radically changes the quality of a person’s life as it dramatically transforms their image.

Consequently, the expertise and skill of the hair specialist is of the utmost importance.

As hair transplantation is a permanent cure for hair loss, it directly affects the psychology and confidence of the patient.

Hair transplants must be performed exclusively by medically-qualified and highly-skilled professionals who understand the anatomy and physiology of the capillary system, the underlying muscles, the skin and all the mechanics of hair restoration.

This will lead to a safe procedure with optimum results.

I can honestly say that I am passionate and love my work and as a result of performing FUE over many years I understand and feel the impact of being bald in each individual.

This is why I perform the entire procedure exclusively by myself to achieve a superb result and offer each patient the best possible treatment.

The success of a hair implantation is based on a combination of knowledge, technique, ability, skill, ethics and art.

The physician must have a sense of beauty and appreciate the symmetry of the face, as the design, the selection and the distribution of grafts are based purely on the doctor’s aesthetic view which contributes decisively to creating a completely natural result.

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