U-Fue Method (Unshaven)​

In common FUE procedures, the patient needs to shave his entire head. In some cases this is not convenient at all as many people are concerned about their appearance and therefore detest the idea of having their heads shaved for the procedure.The unshaven technique was developed for patients who want to be absolutely discreet.Dr Kouremada-Zioga has developed the highly advanced technique of U-FUE (or Undetectable FUE) in which there is no need for the patient to shave any part of his head prior to the procedure.

It is an outstanding innovation in the field of hair restoration and is extremely discreet, making it especially appropriate for people who desire to keep their procedure a private matter.The technique is performed by only a handful of surgeons worldwide and is very advanced in terms of the skill-set clinicians need to extract intact grafts with the least transection and implant the new grafts so that the pre-existing hairs surrounding them are neither affected nor harmed.

The methodology behind U-FUE is not dissimilar to Micro-FUE. Follicles are still extracted, one-by-one, from the donor area and implanted in the area that is compromised or lacking.The main difference is in the way the extraction and implantation takes place, due to the existence of hairs in both areas – the donor site and the implant site. This is where the doctor’s skill-set is vital in achieving the desired result.


Scarring has always been a sticking-point with patients when it comes to hair transplant surgery, as is the fear of other people noticing that they have had treatment.The combination of the unshaven technique and microsurgery is a real leap forward in healing time, and the hair implant procedure is undetectable.There is general redness post-treatment for a few days (usually the redness in U-FUE procedures can be hidden by the presence of the pre-existing hair), but nowhere near as much as in standard FUE or FUT procedures in which it can be somewhat invasive.

U-FUE is a selective procedure. One of the main limitations of U-FUE is the number of grafts that can be extracted, as the procedure is far more time-consuming than standard FUE. In general, the unshaven technique is more advanced than standard FUE and is therefore not recommended for very large hair-loss cases for which a much greater quantity of donor hair is needed.

Donor area before the procedure

The patient can keep his hair as long as he wishes prior to the session 

Donor area immediately after

The donor area immediately after the session looks intact and no one can say that it was harvested.It looks totally undetectable.

UFUE hair follicles

Long hair FUE –  UNSHAVEN means that no part of the scalp it being shaven !
WARNING – Many clinics are claiming that are offering unshaven sessions while they are trimming the back and the sides of the scalp or a part of the scalp ,misleading the patients !This is NOT an UNSHAVEN UFUE procedure.
You are more than welcome to book an appointment with the Dr.Kouremada Zioga in order to get an individualapproach to your hair loss issue.The consultation is being carried out exclusively from the doctor because we CARE and for us you are IMPORTANT ,you are not a number !Expect and medical overview opinion is a key point to a professionaland effective approach to hair loss. Trust the Expert.

Benefits of U-fue

  •  An Undetectable procedure. 
  •  A patient can return to work within a days of receiving the procedure without the usual give away signs of having a hair transplant.
  • The procedure is carried out without the need to trim, cut or shave the recipients hair.
  • A patient can retain his hairstyle and hair length during and directly after the procedure.
  • Excellent solution for those that want to keep the procedure private and undetectable. 
  • The number one hair transplant choice of businessman, media, film, television and music celebrities including sports personalities and VIP’s. 

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