Body Hair Transplant

Many cosmetic surgeons say body hair transplantation can help treat hair loss and baldness in patients who do not have sufficient scalp donor hair available for traditional hair transplantation, or who need to supplement the results of a previous transplant.

The body hair transplant procedure allows surgeons to transplant hair follicles by lifting chest or back hairs and grafting them on to the scalp.

The procedure does not usually have the same results as a traditional hair transplant, for many reasons.

The nature of the body hair itself can place many restrictions on the procedure. Body hair can be curly like pubic hair, even when the hair on the head is straight.

Body hair in general also has a different texture and for this reason it is advisable to use it only in crown areas where there is enough existing hair for it to blend in more easily.

Body hair does not generally grow as long as hair on the scalp. While the hair of the scalp may grow to virtually unlimited lengths on some people, body hair usually grows no longer than 1.9 inches (5 cm).

For that reason, patients having transplants using the body hair will usually have to resign themselves to a lifetime of very short haircuts.

When presented with patients with limited scalp donor hair, the hair transplant specialist will evaluate each individual case and decide on the suitability of body hair.

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Read what Press says about Dr.Kouremada Zioga and Body Hair transplant procedure

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