Micro-Fue Method

The renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Kouremada-Zioga is the pioneer of an advanced minimally invasive method, the Micro-FUE. The main advantage of this procedure is the very natural and undetectable results that can be achieved. This technique can be considered a great leap in the field of hair restoration compared with other older traditional techniques .

The graft extraction is simple, painless and heals only within few days. Most patients return to work the next day after having the procedure, especially if they choose the unshaven U-FUE method where their procedure is discreet. It is a pain free method performed under local anesthetic .

A specialized punch with a diameter from 0.6- 0.9 mm is placed in the skin around a follicular unit to make a small circular incision, separating it from the surrounding tissue . The unit then is extracted directly from the scalp. The instruments used are tiny, so there is minimal trauma in the donor area. Hence the donor area looks intact after the procedure and the final result very natural; more importantly the tiny follicular units are being extracted with the sebaceous gland and we have preservation of the vital elements of hair which helps in the survival rate and thereafter in the percentage of the growth success rate.The treatment uses patients own hair which can be sourced mainly from the back of the head (donor area) or body hair e.g. chest hair. As we mentioned above a specialized punch less than 0.9 mm in diameter is used to extract individual hair follicles which are then individually inserted directly without the creation of any holes in the treatment area. This treatment has a 100% success rate.



The insertion of the follicular units in the recipient area is taking place by a very advanced technique that Dr. Kouremada Zioga has developed after her dedication over many years to make the FUE method very unique and advanced. Instead the insertion of the hair is taking place by the use of a specific instrument, a specific methodology and a high powered microscope that allows each graft to be implanted just with one movement. As there are no incisions, there is minimal bleeding and minimal trauma afflicted on the surrounding area. Subsequently the recovery and healing processes transpire very quickly without leaving any scar. The combination of working under high powered microscope and specially designed instruments allows the clinician to have to each follicle separately precise angulation, depth and direction control. This all contributes to the hair growing in the most natural way possible for the results to be superb and in line with the pre-existing hair growth pattern and directions. Each hair is being respected and protected.

“Success is not only the implanted hair to grow but most important is how they will grow”

Nowadays the micro-FUE method can offer a 100% natural result to each individual. This means that explicitly detailed work is being performed that is always adapted to the needs of each patient offering the best possible results to each of them. The size of the instruments is also being adapted to the quality of the hair of each individual, for example some people have thinner hair in comparison with others. Using the combination of the microscope and the precise instrumentation allows her to perform the surgery in a purely non invasive way giving her an exceptional outcome and rapid healing time frame. Dr. Kouremada- Zioga varies her technique and instrumentation of the depth, morphology or thickness of the follicle. Most clinicians use a standard size that is not bespoke to the patient forcing the grafted hair into the site causing damage to the graft increasing the risk of future loss or the graft not successfully growing .

The micro-FUE allows the production of high quality grafts with fewer traumas. Each follicle is being extracted with its sebaceous gland and vital elements that increases significantly the success of growth rate; this therefore achieves as much density as possible in a single session is the desire of most patients. It was previously thought that density could only be achieved with larger grafts, which resulted in an unnatural look and often a scarred scalp. We use very small grafts to achieve significant density while creating a natural result.

With microFUE we also have the ability to correct the old “Pluggy” look that resulted from outdated or poorly planned procedures. Repair of older type procedures has become a major part of Dr. Kouremada’s practice.

Results after 8 months

Results after 5 months

Benefits of microfue

  • Totally natural undetectable results.
  • Maximum density possible per session.
  • Minimum invasive technique without any linear scarring
  • It is a procedure that offers permanent results.
  • The patient can keep the hair short without any noticeable difference to the back of the head.
  • No shock-loss phenomenon will happen after the procedure. 
  • No stitches, no scalpels.
  • High focused expertise extraction – with the vital elements of the follicular units being protected (ex. dermal fat ,dermal papillae, sebaceous gland) Maximum growth rate and natural result.
  • By using a specialized implanter and a high powered microscope a natural dense packing result can be achieved.
  • Only Intact healthy grafts are extracted.
  • With the “one movement” implantation method, we offer the correct angulation, direction and depth to each individual graft so the result is 100% natural. This is maintained without the need of creating incision holes prior to implantation. This is achieved using the combination of Doctor Zioga’s unique skill set and a high powered microscope.
  • Doctor Zioga’s unique extraction technique allows the patient the possibility of using the same donor area again in the future if needed.
  • Quick healing of the donor and recipient areas.
  • Quick recovery time allowing patient to return to work within days of receiving the procedure. 
  • As no incisions are being made prior to implantation the procedure trauma is minimal and the risk of an infection is significantly diminished.
  • Single use instruments are being used during all procedures. 
  • Reparative procedures can be performed.
  • Ideal for eyebrows and small procedures including facial hair.
  • Ideal for Afro Caribbean patients and female patients.
  • Body hair sessions can be performed.
  • Diagnosis and prognosis is a crucial part in the correct planning and treating of each individual that suffers from hair loss.
  • Possibility of U-FUE, the UNDETECTABLE UNSHAVEN U-FUE method developed by Dr. Kouremada Zioga.

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