My Team

My team is comprised of experienced and highly trained professionals, each with a medical background and extensive experience in the field of hair transplantation. It consists of three nurse-assistants, Andriani, Anca and Katie, who assist me in the procedure.

My nurse-assistants

The team work autonomously under my guidance to ensure that all aspects of the patient’s care are catered for. We aim to address each patient in an holistic way because a hair transplant, for many individuals, is a life-changing procedure.
We have worked together as a team for many years in a professional and harmonious manner with the sole purpose of giving complete patient satisfaction by providing the highest attention to detail and precision during all stages of the procedure.
Their attentiveness, clear communication skills and superior patient-focused care make a key contribution to the exceptional results we achieve.
They are always striving to be the best by researching best practice and standards within the field of hair transplantation.