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Article about Dr.Kouremada Expert reveals how going vegan and gruelling workouts can wreak havoc on your tresses

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Article about Dr.Kouremada BEARD IT LIKE BECKHAM Personal trainer goes through £4k beard transplant to look like hero David Beckham

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Article about Dr.Kouremada 9 facts about hair loss you should be aware of A top hair transplant surgeon reveals her advice

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Sunday Express

According to Dr Thomy Kouremada-Zioga, there has been a surge in men experiencing accelerated hair loss due to the use of powdered protein and the activity they participate in at the gym.

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Article about Dr.Kouremada Yahoo News. Dr Kouremada-Zioga gives her expert opinion about female hair loss

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Mens Health

Article about Dr. Kouremada How to Fight Male Pattern Baldness Don't play victim to your genetics we have the solutions

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